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As a legal professional, have you ever wondered how much business you lose because you miss the opportunity to engage? Are you spending a fortune on lead generation with minimal return?

About Us

ResultzWorx understands the competitive legal marketplace

Let us help you build such a strong service relationship from the outset that your prospects won’t wish to consider speaking with another firm.

ResultzWorx believes an exceptional firm culture sets you apart from your competitors

At ResultzWorx, we know a positive and motivated workforce is intrinsic to your firm’s profitability and longevity. A workforce that is confident in what to say, how to say and when to say it to prospective new clients will allow your organisation to shine. Let us show you how with our bespoke scripting service.

ResultzWorx will create a unique process improvement action plan for change

We work with you to identify the gaps in your lead generation, intake and lead conversion strategies, and design a process improvement action plan for change to meet the unique needs of your firm. Don’t have strategies in place? No problem! We create them for you. We map out a step by step process with you to ensure that your lost leads become a thing of the past.

ResultzWorx can come to you – either virtually, or in reality

The COVID-19 situation is creating dramatic changes to the workplace. Here at ResultzWorx, we understand the challenges that COVID-19 is presenting to organisations committed to meeting their training obligations to their employees.

Whilst our operation in some States has been largely unaffected overall, our in-house dedicated multimedia television studio means we have the tools, expertise and capacity to create and deliver exceptional sales training and lead conversion coaching to your staff.



Step One

Client Results Discovery

Lead wastage and inefficient marketing are two of the greatest costs to law firms. In fact, they can mean the difference between a highly profitable practice and a loss making firm.

This critical issue has had no practical solutions - until now. If your outcome is to:

  • Build greater revenues through effective marketing and client conversion strategies
  • Achieve more practice profit through more high value clients
  • And, importantly, provide a far greater customer experience resulting in higher client retention and referrals

Then your first step is to book a free Client Results Discovery session with me.

I will take you through 12 simple questions designed to shine a light on your current client management process, and uncover any growth impediments your firm is experiencing.


Step Two

Deep Dive and Design

The modern law firm is able to capture more data than ever. But data is only meaningful if you have a system in place that is supported by metrics. ...

Metrics tell us important information about a process.

We take a deeper dive into your firm’s current client management process:

Your sales lead, sales conversion and marketing process is mapped out from start to finish.

We analyse every touch point within your law firm that deals with initial client interactions.

We design and provide you with a meaningful process improvement action plan for change.


Step Three

Execution and modification

We help you implement your process improvement action plan.
This can include: Scripting for legal staff to increase confidence and client efficiency ...

– we provide staff with bespoke scripting containing key phrases and questions with which to guide their conversations effortlessly

Training for lawyers in new client interactions – what’s the first thing your lawyers say to your new clients? Second? Third? How do they deal with time wasters? Competitor enquiry? Price objections? We take them through the conversations.

Lead management and conversion strategies – we analyse your business and marketing activities, show you where you are losing leads, help you convert them into business, and continuously help you to improve your bottom line.

We show you how to interpret your monthly data.

This can include:

  • Telephone analytics
  • Referrals
  • Lead generation efforts
  • New client conversion rates

I will show you how to build your client base, and increase your market share.

Meet the founder

Carolyn Blyth, Founder of ResultzWorx, has a stellar legal, teaching and training background with a proven track record of driving sales growth in the legal, financial, corporate and pharmaceutical industries.

Prior to ResultzWorx, Carolyn was a practising lawyer in Australia. Carolyn has also held a number of executive positions across the UK and the Middle East, including working for leading pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly (London) as part of their Associate program, the Department of Health (UK) within Government Relations, and her own column in the United Emirates today newspaper (Dubai).

Carolyn’s breadth and depth of knowledge in all aspects of client engagement ensures her clients receive exceptional training in how to convert sales lead enquiries into business.

Carolyn holds an Undergraduate Degree in English and Public Media (BA Honours), a Post Graduate Degree in Post Compulsory Higher Education and Training (Honours), and a Post Graduate Degree in Law (LL.B). Carolyn is an Associate of the British Pharmaceutical Industry.

what Our clients say about us

I’m Carolyn Blyth. I’m a former practising solicitor who now helps law firms convert more client enquiries into new business.

As a solicitor responsible for handling new client enquiries, I learnt very early on the importance of having a robust process in place to avoid losing leads. Lost leads equals lost business. At the same time, I quickly realised that in addition to providing legal advice, I needed to educate my clients as to why they needed our services, and why they should choose our firm. Because of my background in executive sales in London, I was able to achieve this. I knew the right things to say, and when to say them. As a result, more and more new leads were converted into new business daily, weekly, monthly.

Because of my background in education, training and curriculum development, I was able to create a framework and process that measured my successes, and revealed my conversion impediments.

Because of my background in government relations, I understand how to interact with and train lawyers at the highest level, who are uncomfortable with being ‘salesy’, yet find themselves in an increasingly competitive legal environment.

Because of my background as a journalist in the Middle East, I understand the power and value of the written word and was able to create compelling scripting so I could deal with those challenging moments that we all have in practice.

Lead wastage and inefficient marketing are two of the greatest costs to law firms. In fact, they can mean the difference between a highly profitable practice and a loss making business. I founded ResultzWorx because there is a real need to help law firms and solicitors maximise their lead generation with effective lead conversion strategies and techniques.

I conduct a free 15 minute Client Results Discovery with law firms to identify where they are losing business at the front end. I then create a process improvement action plan. This can involve some adjustment to current processes, the training of staff, scripting, or a combination of all three.

what Our clients say about us

"Great informative seminar, thank you."

S McG, Director Perth WA

"Very eloquent and engaging."


"Everything was great! Very professional and well presented."

DB, Solicitor, Tumut NSW

"I love this series - I am really learning a lot."


"Very practical, useful."


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